Product Certified

Sr. No. Product Name Sponsor Developer Assurance Level Certification Report Number ST Reference Certificate No.
11 Tejas Networks TJ1270 SDH/SONET based Optical Networking Equipment running with TejNOS-EN Tejas Networks Limited Tejas Networks Limited EAL 1 PDF icon Certification Report TJ1270_EAL1.pdf PDF icon Security Target _TJ1270_Version 1.6.pdf PDF icon Certificate_Tejas TJ1270.pdf
12 Scalable Optical Transport Solution FSP 3000R7 Operating System (CC), Version R7 Rel.17.2.3 ADVA OPTICAL NETWORKING SE, Fraunhoferstr.9a 82152 Martinsri ADVA OPTICAL NETWORKING SE, Fraunhoferstr.9a 82152 Martinsri EAL 2 PDF icon CR-ADVA-FSP3000R7_EAL2 PDF icon FSP_3000_R7_Security_Target-1.9 (17.2.3)_24.06.2019 PDF icon Certificate-IC3S-KOL01-ADVA-EAL2-0615-003
13 HaltDos Mitigation Platform version 1.1 comprising of hdInspector version 1.0, hdDeviceUI version 2.0, hdDetectionService version 1.0 and hdCLI version 2.0. Private Limited . Private Limited . EAL2+ PDF icon IC3S/BG01/HaltDos/EAL2/0317/0008/CR dated 11 February 2019 PDF icon HaltDos Mitigation Platform, Security Target Version 1.4 dated 17 Sep 2018 PDF icon IC3S/BG01/HaltDos/EAL2/0317/0008
14 OAM (Operation, Administration & Management/Maintenance) Module VCL-MK Version 6 80 E1, 160Mbps Voice & Data Multiplexer Valiant Communications Limited Valiant Communications Limited EAL 1 PDF icon IC3S/DEL01/VALIANT/EAL1/0317/0007/CR dated 12/12/2018 PDF icon OAM (Operation, Administration & Management/Maintenance) Module VCL-MX Version 6 80 E1, 160Mbps Voice & Data Multiplexer PDF icon IC3S/DEL01/VALIANT/EAL1/0317/0007
15 Ericsson IPOS Release 15.2 software running on Smart Service Routers SSR 8020 and SSR 8010 Ericsson India Private Limited. Ericsson India Private Limited. EAL 3 PDF icon STQC/CC/13-14/09/CR dated 24 April 2018 PDF icon Security Target for Ericsson Smart Service Router SSR 8020, SSR 8010 running IPOS Software, Revision PA12 PDF icon STQC/CC/13-14/18